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The Audi vehicles available from Audi City Ottawa all share easily traceable racing DNA. A lot of automakers make similar claims, but Audi really puts its high-performance lineage on display for all to see. A common refrain you’re likely to hear around our facility is, ‘Electric Audi vehicles are coming.’ To be more accurate, electric Audi vehicles are already here in the form of our manufacturing partner’s e-tron family of sedans, SUVs and wagons. So, are Audi e-tron cars worth buying? We think so, but we understand if you’d like to see a little more evidence. Our team of product experts put together a few things to help you make the decision to fully switch from gasoline to electric vehicles.

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Outdated Myths About Electric Cars

Electric cars have been available from a few different automakers for a little while now. Up until the last couple of years, consumers have been leery of making the leap for some good reasons. However, the industry standard has changed. EVs, especially those built by Audi, have made several major leaps that have gone a long way toward dispelling these myths.

Audi Electric Cars Have Limited Range

Let’s tackle the biggest EV myth out there: Electric vehicles can’t drive very far. This is a false claim on a couple of fronts. First, the average Canadian only drives a little more than 36 km (22 miles) in a day. The six Audi e-tron models the manufacturer produces have a maximum range of between 350 km to 388 km on a full battery.

Electric Vehicles Take a Long Time to Charge

The next most outdated myth is that it takes a long time to charge an EVs battery. While it’s currently true that charging a car’s battery isn’t going to be as fast as filling up a gas tank, it’s absolutely false that a low battery means someone is going to be stuck in place for hours. Most, if not all, Audi e-tron platforms are compatible with DC fast chargers. This means that Audi EVs can replenish their batteries from 5% to 80% in as little as 22 minutes. The charging times will only come down as the technology improves.

EVs Aren’t Good for Driving in the Snow

There may have been a brief moment in the history of electric vehicles when the technology wasn’t available to help them perform adequately on adverse roads. That time has long since passed, especially as it applies to Audi electric vehicles. Almost all Audi e-tron platforms are either equipped or available with the automaker’s all-wheel drive system. Whether someone is driving on muddy or icy roads, an Audi e-tron vehicle will help the driver have confidence in dealing with those less-than-ideal conditions.

We understand that adopting a new technology comes with a fair amount of trepidation. Make an appointment with an Audi City Ottawa product expert today if you have additional questions about the Audi e-tron family of vehicles.