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Benefits of the Audi Certified Plus Program

Audi builds some of the most exciting, and, more importantly, reliable vehicles in the global automotive industry. It’s very common for an Audi platform to serve several owners over the course of its lifecycle. Buying used cars is a great way for someone to get reliable transportation in a more budget-friendly way. However, there is a specific category of used vehicles that offer extra incentives, Audi Certified Plus. Our manufacturing partner’s certified pre-owned vehicle program not only guarantees Audi City Ottawa customers take a very good car or SUV home, but that they are also protected by additional warranties. Let’s take a closer look.

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How Does Audi Certified Plus Work?

There are a lot of used Audi vehicles out there, but not all of them qualify for the brand’s certified pre-owned program. In order for a vehicle to obtain this designation it will need to pass an exhaustive inspection process that covers more than 300 different points. Additionally, each model also needs to meet certain age and mileage requirements, before it goes through the extensive inspection.

Audi Certified Plus Program Benefits

Most used cars, trucks and SUVs don’t offer any protections from its manufacturer’s warranty programs. Audi Certified Plus vehicles do come with some warranties that will protect owners for five years or 100,000 km from the original in-service date of the vehicle. Also, Audi CPO vehicle owners can also use the remaining balance of the original 12-year Corrosion Protection Limited Warranty. Other Audi Certified Plus benefits include:

  • 7-day/500 km Exchange Privilege
  • Carfax Canada Vehicle History Report
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance
  • Available customer service support

FAQs About Audi Certified Plus

Audi has included a lot in its certified pre-owned program. However, there are still a lot of questions that come up when someone inquires about Audi Certified Plus for the first time. 

Is the Audi Certified Plus Warranty Only Valid Where I Bought the Vehicle?

If you need to use the Audi CPO warranty to have something repaired, any Audi dealership in Canada will be able to perform the work. Emergency repairs can be completed at non-Audi service facilities.

Do Audi Certified Plus Models Have Special Financing Terms?

Qualified buyers choosing an Audi Certified Plus vehicle will have the flexibility of choosing monthly or bi-weekly payments. Audi Select is also available which offers a payment schedule similar to leasing.

How Do You Find Audi Certified Plus Cars?

If the features and benefits of the Audi Certified Plus program appeals to you, finding them is as easy as asking any Audi City Ottawa product expert to see the available inventory. You can also see what we have available on our website by clicking here.

Make an appointment with an Audi City Ottawa product expert, today, to learn more about this incredible program.