The 2022 Audi e-tron® parked by some buildings.

Which Audi e-tron® Models Offer All-Wheel Drive?

The entire lineup of Audi vehicles available at Audi City Ottawa is designed to deliver a unique, world-class driver experience. Nothing about that experience is going to change as the automaker begins to transition from gasoline as a fuel to electricity stored in batteries. In addition to eliminating harmful automotive emissions, the transition to an all-electric fleet will also give more Audi drivers access to the automaker’s incredible all-wheel drive system. So, which Audi e-tron® models offer AWD? Actually, almost every current e-tron® platform is at least available with all-wheel drive, depending on which trim grade is chosen. Let’s take a closer look at why this is so helpful.

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How Does Audi AWD Work?

There are several similarities between all-wheel drive systems for gasoline- or electrically-powered vehicles. The key difference for EVs is that instead of the power coming from the engine to turn all four wheels, an electric motor is directly mounted to the front and rear axles. These motors work together to directly turn the wheels and quickly apply more power to wheels that are losing traction.

What Are the Advantages of AWD?

Drivers in our little corner of the world have some unique needs because of the weather conditions we face. Obviously, having the additional traction and peace of mind on less-than-ideal road conditions is what makes all-wheel drive such a must-have feature. That isn’t the only benefit of choosing an Audi e-tron® model equipped with all-wheel drive. 

In addition to providing more confidence on slippery roads, the Audi all-wheel drive system will also make driving more exciting by providing a lot of acceleration support. Not only will all four wheels be moving to propel the Audi e-tron® model, but that power is applied almost instantly when the accelerator is pressed. Drivers will definitely feel pushed back in their seats with Audi electric vehicles.

Towing is another vehicle function that people need. Electric vehicles are well-known for producing a lot of torque, a key element in towing capacity. Some 2022 Audi e-tron® models will be able to pull more than 1,800 kg (approximately 4,000 lbs.) when the vehicle is properly equipped. This is more than enough to remove yard waste or pull a small boat or personal watercraft to the lake. 

Since so many Audi e-tron® models employ all-wheel drive, available range figures already have that baked into the cake. So, unlike gasoline-powered cars or SUVs, there really is no efficiency disadvantage to speak of when choosing a model with all-wheel drive.

There is a lot to learn about Audi e-tron® models. Make an appointment with an Audi City Ottawa product expert, today, if you want to start your journey toward an all-electric future.